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Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board AGM

The AGM of Safer Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board was held last night in Woolwich Town Hall. We had Superintendent Sally de Haan present to the board the new changes and strengthening of Greenwich Policing Neighbourhoods and was encouraged by the response to the recent event, New MET for London, held in August. There will be several events happening across the borough in the next year which will help to address the issues raised in the meeting.

One of the concerns raised was less visibility of police on our borough - there is now an uplift of PCSOs and Sergeants across the borough, less abstractions and more local bases creating a better service for all.

Abstractions are when officers are placed elsewhere such as to London to police protests and are taken off of their usual duties in their areas.

It is great to hear about the changes being made in this way.

Sadly this is Sally's last SNB with us as she moves on to another role, with the addition of a new Superintendent coming to us to head up Neighbourhoods. We presented Sally with a bouquest of flowers in thanks for her work with us. We are hopeful that he can join us for our December meeting.

We say goodbye...

After 12 years as Trustees, Steve Bone retires as Trustee to concentrate on family life and Eileen Glover leaves us after years as a trustee and was previous chair till 2022. We would like to thank both for their time, commitment and knowledge over the years and wish them the very best.

We welcome...

We were delighted that we had 5 candidates for the 3 positions open to be elected as trustees of the board. We were so happy that we had existing trustees willing to stand and others that would like to be considered.

We would like to formally welcome Roger Tester and Christyn Sharkey as our newest trustees and welcome back Karen Hughes as a valued Trustee.

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Dan O
Dan O
Oct 27, 2023

Hello, can you please define the term abstraction used above? Not all are used to police terminology.

Sounds like a productive meeting.

Thank you.

Oct 27, 2023
Replying to

Abstractions are when officers are taken off their usual duties in our area and reallocated to deal with protests, cover response teams and other such roles as needed.

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