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Holding the police to account in a positive way

‘Safer Neighbourhood Boards’ are in place in every London Borough, bringing police and communities together to decide local policing and crime priorities, solve problems collaboratively and make sure the public are involved in a wide range of other ‘community safety’ decisions.

The Safer Neighbourhood Board in Greenwich is called the Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board (GSNB). The GSNB meet regularly to hold the police to account, in a positive way and to ensure communities are more closely involved in problem solving and crime prevention. 

Topics we have covered:  Neighbourhood Policing, Domestic Abuse, South-East Basic Command Unit changes, Stop and Search, Neighbourhood Watch, Burglary, Crime Trends etc.

The core functions of a Safer Neighbourhood Board are

defined as follows:

Regular meetings of the board are focused to help:

  • establish local policing and crime priorities

  • monitor police performance and confidence

  • monitor data about complaints against borough officers

  • provide assurance that a system of independent custody visiting is delivered

  • ensure all wards have a functioning Ward Panel

  • support the Borough's Independent Advisory Group

  • support Neighbourhood Watch

  • ensure the Stop and Search community monitoring function is delivered

In 2019, it was decided, that we would have an open forum, where members of the public would come an hour before the main meeting, to discuss, with a senior police officer and members of the board, their concerns regarding crime in their area.  This has proved very successful and we are looking to make this a regular agenda item.

We usually meet at The Gallery, Woolwich Centre, Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18

Public pre-meeting: Starts from 18:30hrs till 19:00hrs

Main Meetings from 19:00hrs - 21:00hrs


Safer Neighbourhood Boad
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