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We are delighted to enable and support funding awarded to local initiatives in Greenwich:

2021-2022 Funding Projects

Stop and Search Theatre project - £3,900
Working with young people to help others understand what happens when young people are stopped and searched by police.  Know their rights and understand how it makes people feel.

Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch - £3,000
Project aimed at Page Estate in Eltham to help bring community together.  Develop community champions and establish sustainable Neighbourhood Watches in the estate - co-developed with residents and partners

Greenwich Inclusion Project - £3,577

Her Centre - £3,970

Safer Neighbourhood Panels - £3,450

Projects to reinvigorate the panels across Greenwich and assist with starting new panels with changes to ward boundaries.  Hold public events to encourage new membership from across the borough.

2020-2021 Funding Projects


Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch Network 
Awarded £3,000
Project working with unrepresented communities to co-produce crime prevention for young people within the Muslim, Sikh and Nepalese communities

Greenwich Youth Independant Advisory Group
Awarded £1,800
Project produced by young people in the borough to focus on crimes that affect young people and signposting them to the respected help.  A series of Podcasts and Leaflets will be produced for young people by young people.

HER Centre
Awarded £5,084
Project tackling violence against women and girls, keeping young people safe and putting victims first and addressing inequalites.  Preparing a range of leaflets and provide leagal support to victims of domestic violence.

Shooters Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel -
Positive Plumstead for Young People
Awarded:  £5,000
Addressing issues surrounding young people in Plumstead around Anti-Social Behaviour, youth violence, fear of crime and support.  The aims of the project involve a decrease in crime involving young people and a reduction in the fear of crime in the community.  Increasing communication channels for families and police with the intended outcome being better relationships between them.

Brookhill Children's Centre - Keeping our Children's Centre Community Safe
Awarded £2,972
Providing Lockdown and post-Lockdown support for families using the centre facilities, early detection of DV victims and services provided the them.  Increase in the digital offer provided to the users and wider community.
Advocacy in Greenwich - Tackling Learning Disability Hate Crime during the Corona Virus pandemic
Awarded £4,702
Supportiing a group of people with learning difficulties to produce easy read materials about social distancing and staying safer during the pandemic, including on public transport and in public spaces.  Production of an online film to help with this work.

Greenwich Inclusion Project (GrIP) - Covid Hate Crime Support
Awarded £4,640
Addressing the increases in Hate Crime across the borough in relation to ethnicity groups, including the Chinese community. Providing support and linking in with support groups across the borough who are providing covid support to the communities - food delivery etc.  Providing training and resources to enable volunteers to provide practical advice and emotional support to others. Develop models of peer-support and good neighbour initiatives that can be sustained when funding ends.


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