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Greenwich Neighbourhood

Watch Network

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The Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch Network supports new and existing schemes within the borough of Greewnich.  We have recently developed from being an internal project from Safer Greenwich, to becoming fully independant in 2019.

We are part of the biggest Crime Prevention Voluntary Organisation in England and Wales, with over 2.4million members.

We are proud of the schemes we have in Greenwich, with over 270 schemes, with over 5,000 members.  We believe that communities can support each other in the battle against crime.  When you bring communities together for a common purpose, it makes that community stronger.

Knowing who your neighbours are, being neighbourly and being active in your community are the three fundamentals of Neighbourhood Watch.

We offer workshops across the borough in order to deliver the crime prevention message, specialising in Burglary, Car Crime, Scams, Serious Violence to name but a few and also are involved in several projects, including Secondary schools and joint projects with Trading Standards.

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