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Greenwich Independent Advisory Group

What are IAGs?

The Macpherson Report into the Steven Lawrence murder created a challenge on the Police Service to start a process that created a genuine partnership with all sections of the community, encouraging the active involvement of people from diverse groups.

Independent Advisory Groups, known as IAGs, have evolved to facilitate this engagement.

The Greenwich Independent Advisory Group (GIAG) is made up of trusted individuals who are prepared to listen to, observe and comment on the equality and diversity activities and policies of Police in Greenwich. The group offer impartial advice to the police on a range of different subjects and are made up of members of the public from local communities, who regularly meet up every three months to discuss hot topics.

The GIAG continues to provide valuable support to Greenwich Police, as well as ongoing involvement in their policy reviews. The GIAG is engaged on a number of issues. Agendas for each meeting are agreed in advance, with actions for police and IAG members.

The advice and support from the IAGs following a critical incident is very important, as they can not only reassure the community but also gain a richer picture. By engaging with and involving the IAGs at the earliest opportunity, the police have prevented increased community tensions by demonstrating an open and transparent dialogue with our communities.


The aim of each group is:

  • To provide advice and constructive criticism to the police, whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of the whole community

  • To provide independent advice to Greenwich Police, to help recognise diverse needs of the communities served and to deliver a fair and impartial service that secures greater trust and confidence.

Join us

GIAG are now recruiting new members in your area. We need your valuable input to help shape and impact local policing. Any member of the community is welcome to join the IAG groups where they work, live or support somebody. If you would like to join, all we ask is that you have an interest in being a voice from your community and have an interest in policing and would like to share opinions and advice on policing matters.

Please complete the form below and the Chair or Vice-Chair will be in contact within 10 working days.

Apply to join the IAG

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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